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International Journal of Ophthalmology & Eye Science (IJOES) ISSN 2332-290X is a comprehensive, peer reviewed journal devoted to Ophthalmology & Eye Science. IJOES, published by SciDoc is an Open Access journal that includes high quality papers, which covers all major areas of Ophthalmology & Eye Science and its diagnosis. SciDoc with its Open Access publication model spreads all the day-to-day developments and research to readers around the world.

IJOES is a peer reviewed international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of ophthalmology, ophthalmologists and visual science specialists describing clinical investigations, clinical observations, and clinically relevant laboratory investigations related to ophthalmology.

IJOES publishes original research, latest developments, review papers, scientific data, editorials from leading scientists and scholars around the world including but, not limited to the following fields:

  • Neuro-Ophthalmology
  • Oculoplastics & Orbit surgery
  • Refractive surgery
  • Confocal Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope
  • Optometry
  • Clinical Ophthalmology
  • Pediatric ophthalmology/Strabismus
  • Case studies
  • Ophthalmology
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Medical retina
  • Retinopathy of Prematurity
  • Multifocal Electroretinogram
  • Ocular Oncology
  • Ophthalmic Pathology
  • Uveitis
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery
  • Electroretinography
  • Ophthalmopedia
  • Ultrahigh-Resolution Spectral Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Orthoptics
  • Experimental Ophthalmology
  • Cataracts
  • Cornea
  • Pathophysiology
  • Glaucoma
  • Ophthalmic Research
  • Corneal Neovascularization
  • Molecular Imaging of the Eye

Sympathetic Ophthalmia as a Major Sight-threatening Disorder - Research Article

Mohammed A

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Effect of Fentanyl Addition to Local Anesthetic on Peribulbar Block in Keratoplasty Sugery -Review Article

Bakry MA, Khalil NM*, M El H Abdel Ghaffar

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Refractive status of primary, middle and senior high school students in Shanghai -Review Article

Wang X, Dong J, Wu Q*

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Refractive Errors Progression in Brazilian Low-Income School Children -Research Article

Nakanami CR, Berezovsky A, Nivea N. Cavascan, Mitsuhiro MR, Watanabe SE, Sacai PY, Josenilson M. Pereira, Munoz S, Belfort Jr. R, Salomao SR*

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Applications of Polymers in Intraocular Drug Delivery Systems - Review Article

Al-Halafi AM*

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A Review of Personalised Molecular Medicine for the Treatment of Corneal Disorders - Review Article

Courtney DG*, Thakur A, Nesbit MA, Moore JE3, C. B. Tara Moore

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Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Line Suppression of Phagolysosome Activation - Case Report

Taylor AW*, Dixit S, Yu J

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Health Coaching and Glaucoma: A Qualitative Evaluation of the Patient Experience -Research Article

Rosdahl JA*, Schneider S, Anita P. Vin

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The Effect Of Preservative Free Tafluprost On Intraocular Pressure In Patients With Ocular Hypertension Or Primary Open Angle Glaucoma - Case Report

Hommer A, Kromus M, Schmidl D, Garhofer G*, Schmetterer L

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Exfoliation Syndrome - Case Report

Madonna RJ, Gould J

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Visual Hallucinations: Identifying Charles Bonnet Syndrome - Short Description

Pang L

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Visual Evoked Potential and Glaucoma management- A Review - Short Report

Kirstein EM

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Low Vision Rehabilitation in the Glaucomas - Short Report

McAllister B*, Rebecca Kammer

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A Patient with a Rare Chromosome Deletion Presents with Evidence of Spontaneous Resolution of Primary Congenital Glaucoma -Case Report

Walker K

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Ophthalmic Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Eyelid Surgeries in Taiwan -Case Report

Hsu WM*

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Venous Ocular Blood Flow in Primary Open Angle Glaucoma - Case Study

Natalia I. Kurysheva*, Tatiana N. Kiseleva, Elena Y. Irtegova, Olga A. Parshunina

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Comparative Study Of Visual Outcomes Following Corrective Vitrectomy: Non-Traumatic Versus Traumatic Etiologies - Research Article

Shah MA*, Shah SM, Kalyani PJ, Shah AH, Shah PD, Patel KB

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Dry Eye Syndrome: A Multifactorial Disease - Editorial

Kottaiyan R

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